La Fiaschetteria | CONTACTS
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Via Borgo Santa Caterina 8

Bergamo, BG 24124


From Tuesday to Saturday 19:00 – 24:00


Phone +39(0)35245653

It is advisable to book (required above 4 people and in any case with the only alternative of the “Raclette à Ancienne” menu for the whole table), which you can do by phone also in the time slot between 12:00 and 14:00.

However, in order to continue to ensure adequate spacing between one table and another, reservations for more than six people per table are suspended until a later date.

For reservations c/o mail, we invite you to immediately report your mobile number.

Any reservation made more than 24 hours in advance must be confirmed from the previous day and in any case by 2.00 pm on the evening in question.
Otherwise, all rights to the optioned table are lost.

There are only 18 seats in our 30 square meters local, so we kindly ask you to report any pushchairs / prams and / or dogs at the time of booking.

PS: Due to the high demand in cold seasons, if it’s your desire to share the “Raclette à l’Ancienne Menu” with your guests, it is always advisable to reserve the electric grill when booking the table.