La Fiaschetteria | Our History
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Our History


La Fiaschetteria is not a restaurant, but a 30sqm Alpine Inn experience where you sit and eat in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

We only listen to good music (well actually, in order to maintain this convivial atmosphere we ask you to please put your phone on silent mode), We don’t go to the supermarket (so sometimes some products may be missing), We don’t have any coffee, but especially nothing here is fast!

There’s no any wizard tricks, so I remember that we use microwave ovens, ’cause I never had any solution at all to add a suction hood since I found this historic corner of Borgo S. Caterina.
All our hot dishes are freshly prepared and heated on site. We work closely with trusted butchers and experienced local chefs, who share our passion for good food and the best of ingredients.
We don’t use any products of commercial gastronomy and/or industries food items!

In fact, I remember you that since I opened La Fiaschetteria, our ethos for the food we offer, is that of an inn wich is inspired by the taverns of a previous age, offering few genuine ingredients made well and that is not so easy for you to find on the shelves of large retailers.


Everything probably started with my great-grandfather Schiavi Giovanni, who was an innkeeper and shopkeeper for wines at the end of the nineteenth century. When He passed to a better life in October 3, 1927, great-grandmother Locatelli Felicita, in the interest of the seven children among whom my grandfather Giovanni called Gianni, also planted a fizzy drinks and sodas factory with the sale of beers to increase the income of the family. Today all this is gone, but after two world wars and various vicissitudes, in 1975 when I came into the world, at number 9 of Via Legrenzi street in Clusone, the ancient “Ol Giu” Tavern, that of my grandfather Gianni, was still held by his family. And inevitably, even before walking, I grew up in that tavern… Between cattle trading, songs and bowls of wine. The passion for travel and for genuine foods has caused Gerolamo and I to meet, to join forces in the search for a place where you can relive those ancient atmospheres that we breathed in the shady basements where mountain inns took life. Well, in “La Fiaschetteria” you can exactly find that bohemian spirit… clearly accompanied by the delicious products of alpine and transalpine folk culture.


Gianni Danesi, co-owner.