La Fiaschetteria | La Fiaschetteria Bergamasco Experience
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La Fiaschetteria Bergamasco Experience

LA FIASCHETTERIA BERGAMASCO EXPERIENCE is a poetic justification of geography, a two day journey, travelling in stages, which I have designed for my customers (especially tourists) who want to explore our valleys discovering their flavours and colours.

We travel at a slow pace, on secondary roads following the adventurous shapes of our land meeting people and discovering places where some of the products served at La Fiaschetteria are made.

A straight line is the shortest way to connect two places however abandoning yourself to the nature that surrounds you and enjoying the views as the hours pass, you will return at the end of both days with a selection of delicious products prepared especially for you:

wines from Val Calepio, cheeses from Valle Taleggio, the bergamasco salami, sheep products and corn flour products from Valle Seriana, together with Iseo Lake olive oil and the typical “Scarpinocc di Parre” hand made Bergamasco ravioli.


I have conceived and written a precious vintage “time-speed-distance rally” style paper roadbook to guide you step by step on route. Furthermore the talented artist Alessandro Adelio Rossi designed it and illustrated the cover of the roadbook which can become a print to be framed.


For information on costs and booking the experience, write to

Roadbook preview